Making Business Performance Management Effective. 

For natural organization excellence, perfomance controls must intregrate extensibly. 

Top down based Dashboards simplify letting you quickly see opportunities & risk at all levels. Drill down with smart analytics and forecating, join it all together to make decisions with confidence and take collaborative actions much faster with natural responsive change control of competitively evolving business as usual workflows.

Making that easy for you, we get into one place, your consolidation, planning, budgeting and analytics processes along with all your company data & key external information. 


 Our scalably end to end solutions join business, market, customer and supplier data to management and financial control points, to suit any size multi tenanted business.  

Sherwood Group Consulting since 1993, has been using best in class tools & methods to help organizations. Let us help you too and get your controls sharp and your performance mnagement procces more effective.

We know how to do that and get it done so it works best for you.  

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