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About Us

Sherwood Group Consulting is a specialist organization of alliance based stakeholders. Each operation contributes to global services with autonomy for local business under one set of service ethics and quality customer services standards. This continues to allow us to expand to ensure consistenct high quality customer service.

Our Location and Offices

In addition to our affiliates our professional services and country offices are located in Melbourne, Bangkok Singapore Gernany and India.  Details are on the contact us page.

Our Objectives

Business Goal is to be known as a world class management consulting services provider to SME and MNI market across adopted industry sectors   

Customers service As specialists in business intelligence and performance management processes, our service focus is on customers who want growth and effeciency oriented solutions with innovative design to let then achieve their goals.  

Financial Security- To generate sufficient profit and cash reserves to protect and substain our customers investment, finance our R&D and growth and reward and retain quality people .

Growth - To establish product breadth across our selected business verticals and demographics (MNI, SME) with software service based infrastructure delivery and 24/7 support.

Business Alliances:- Form strategic alliances with software vendors and consulting providers, ethically aligned to allow us to sell their products as part our complimentary srrvices without compromise or risk to each other commercially. 

Support our people - to grow to reach their personal and company goals.