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Alliances Ecosystem 

Sherwood Group Consulting ecosystem services model augments our leader strengths on design and project delivery, being core services components.

Multifacet local partner relationships with committed long-term resources ensure our products and services deliver consistent value to customers in both the short & longer terms. Delivery partners certificated process designed specialists can meet high demand customer delivery standards. This enables best fit services of local and domain specific expertise and cross reference value to a wider business community. 

Partners Key alliances continue to expand to ensure the long-term investment protection for our customers. Our deep relationships especially with Corporate Performance Managment & Business Intelligence related software providers, compliments and stengthens our customer offerings.   

Technology  Technology Partners we engage with are all Industry-leading providers of servers, networking, operating systems, databases, performance and end user technology tools.

Core Entities

We also contribute to several industry blogs and sponsor of www.PerformanceController.com