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Sherwood Group Consulting aim is to help organizations; Establish a focused strategic direction using dashboards; Implement business-specific tools & solutions in short time frames; Enable enterprise to optimize performance & operational quality. 

We deliver flexible designs for extensible solutions tailored to your processes. This includes Management Consulting. Change Management, Financial Consolidation, Planning & Budgeting. Designing Business Process Change and BusineIntelligencence. 


Dashboards let you see opportunities & risk at all levels. Drill down, with smart analytics based forecasting, joins it together to let you plan and make decisions with confidence. Collaborative processes let you take action fast to keep on track.  Extensible living systems, that change as your needs do, let you remain competitive and grow.

By bringing all your data & key external information into one focus, make all that that easy. Once your planning & budgeting is integrated with your consolidation reporting, decision analytics & effective control become intuitive and natural.